ONCE wasn’t enough for the thug who raped a teenager in the bush.
Early the next morning he returned to rape the older granddaughter of the gogo from Ga-Tisane Village outside Jane Furse in Limpopo.
Gogo (67) told Daily Sun the first sex attack came two weeks ago.
She said she thought the man needed help when he knocked on the door.
Now she’s sorry she ever let him in.
“He was wearing a balaclava and threatened to kill us if we screamed,” she said.
“He dragged my 18-year-old granddaughter out and raped her.
“He left her injured and crying.”
Gogo said the family told the police, but when there was no arrest they moved the young victim to their relatives.
And then at about 3am the next day the man came back, demanding more sex with his teenage victim.
Gogo said when they told him she wasn’t there he told gogo to cover herself with a blanket – and grabbed her 22-year-old granddaughter.
“He raped her in front of the whole family – five times!
“He hurt her,” said gogo.
“At one stage he came to me naked, demanding money.”
Gogo said it shocked her to see the man still roaming the streets after she reported him to the police.
“I believed the police when they said they would arrest him, but it seems that won’t happen,” she said.
Now gogo has taken her eight grandchildren to safety. Neighbours are looking after her house.
Colonel Ronel Otto said two rape cases were opened at Lebowakgomo Police Station. “We are investigating and hope to make an arrest soon,” she said.