Proverb's marriage is over. The rapper's wife Onalerona announced that they are getting a divorce.It's the end of the road for Proverb and Onalerona Thekisho.

The couple faced a cheating scandal a few months ago. Despite trying to make it work, even sharing pictures together on social media and love messages after the scandal, it looks like things just didn't work out. 
To my family Thank you for all the support and love that you have shown me. Today marks a new beginning for all of us. The divorce order has been granted. Through Gods grace and faith, I believe that God will continue to be faithful to us and lead in our lives. My prayer is for us to continue to have the heart to always forgive and cherish every new day that God blesses us with. I’m grateful for your love. Peace be with you always. Love Onalerona Moreo