A pregnant 18 year old Chicago mother, Jazmine Jones, has been arrested for allegedly beating her daughter to death after the toddler refused to eat the noodles she had made her for lunch. Jones became so upset at her daughter Elliana, 2, that she began to punch the toddler in her stomach and buttocks on Saturday, alleges  her boyfriend.
Jones' boyfriend - who is not the father of the child - later told prosecutors that the punches were so hard 'they would've knocked the wind out of him if he were the one being hit.'

Jones then left to go buy marijuana, and when she returned her daughter complained of being in pain
She gave the girl laxatives, but refused to take her to the hospital.

The Chicago Tribune also reports that Jones' boyfriend told prosecutors he had seen her beat the child on 'multiple occasions.'

After Jones was allegedly finished beating the child, she left to go buy marijuana, according to her boyfriend.

The child complained of being in pain later in the day and had a swollen stomach, so Jones gave the girl laxatives in hopes of helping her go to the bathroom.

The child then continued to say she was in pain, but Jones allegedly refused to take the baby to a hospital.
She later put her to bed, and a short time later the toddler puked a greenish liquid, according to prosecutors.

She was found dead the next morning after suffering a perforated intestine and fecal matter had collected in her abdominal cavity

Jones, who is six-weeks pregnant, previously lost custody of Elliana in 2014 after throwing the girl off a balcony.

At her bail hearing on Wednesday Jones cried out loud and revealed she is six-weeks pregnant.

Her bail was set at $1 million. Hopefully, she rots in there.