Free speech campaigners have hit back in the row over Donald Trump - by signing a petition that calls for him NOT to be banned from Britain.

The attempt on Parliament's website comes after Labour shadow minister Jack Dromey joined calls for the 'dangerous' demagogue to be banned under hate speech laws.

It claims banning Mr Trump, who owns two Scottish golf resorts, would be "illogical" and says: "We shouldn't be banning people for their opinions on domestic actions in a US political race that doesn't concern us."

But the 8,000-strong call to ban him was outstripped last night by 390,000 signatures (and counting) on an earlier bid to stop the Republican Presidential hopeful coming to Britain's shores .
Even at midnight more than 16,000 people an hour were signing the original petition and it had become the third-most popular of all time.

Source: UK Mirror