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Nicholas Nkuna responds shut up with Your bullsh*t Story sabotage Wedding MC

Skeem Saam actor Nicholas Nkuna responds Heartbreak allegations – shut up with Your bullsh*t. Yesterday we published a story about the so called Skeem Saam Hunky who by the choice of his words is no longer a hunky in my book. He came to our twitter pages and had a few things to say about the heartbreak rumours that were going around… Here is what he said…

“there’s more positive Stories to write about – yet you’re here writing about crap you don’t have proof of , disappear.” he said on one of the tweets… Wait there is more!

“shut up with Your bullsh*t” was the next attack on Mzansi Online News… I thought innocent people don’t need to be angry.

One thing we noticed was that he still need to go back to school and learn how to spell… Here is why…

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