Monday 14 December 2015
Episode 133
Xulu and MaNgcobo confront MaMlambo about the switching of the babies, and MaMlambo stands firm on her word, saying she only conveyed what the ancestors told her. Mastermind is indignant when Smangele tells him to stop working for Xulu. Amandla finally re-emerges, high on whoonga. Her life is in danger when one of the older boys try to take advantage of her.
Tuesday 15 December 2015
Episode 134
Gundi fights to protect Amandla from rape. MaNgcobo tells Nosipho she’s betraying her by helping find Amandla. Amandla runs away from Mastermind, Mxolisi and Gundi. Gundi tells them she doesn’t want to go home.
Wednesday 16 December 2015
Episode 135
Mastermind tells Dhlomo where they saw Amandla and says he must look for her there. Xulu and Mxolisi return to work as father and son. Ayanda comes to find Smangele and tells her that Amandla has been found. Mxolisi finds the hospital files with the switched at birth information.