With lucrative endorsements from companies keen to reach their millions of admirers, these Instagram models are raking in the big bucks.
Here's a run down of the fitness stars who are admired by millions - making a fortune in the process in no particular order.
Ana Cheri's website states: "Growing up in a family of all boys she had to balance the girly side that just wanted to play dress up and cake on the makeup, with her inner tomboy that wanted to play football in the dirt with the guys."
Currently she works for Shredz Supplements as a brand ambassador andmotivational speaker representing "strength, positivity and sexy physiques around the world".

According to sponsors Shredz, 26-year-old Paige Hathaway from Minnesota is "known for her amazing physique and bubbly personality" and "sets standards for fit women in the fitness industry".
The Sun reports she's made £3.8million.
She said: "Everyone’s ideal body is possible, they just have to work for it, they have to believe in themselves, and they have to be dedicated. I want to empower women, I want women to look at me and say 'If Paige Hathawaycan do it, so can I'."

This 24-year-old Australian model, 24, has made £4.9million through a series of exercise guides and a dedicated app. She frequently posts pictures of her followers who have transformed their physiques using her techniques.

Brazilian Alende, 22 is followed by 2.8 million people on the social media site and has made £2.1million from her career as a lingerie model.She was also a runner-up in the Miss Bum-Bum competition to find the most shapely derriere.

This 23 year-old LA Playboy model has made £2.3m from her sultry snaps. She also has her own clothing range.

This model/singer/chef/personal trainer beguiles the online community with her jaw-dropping cleavage. She also once posed in a Stormtrooper helmet and little else, sending the geek community into meltdown.

Amanda Lee teaches Pilates, but it's her underwear selfies that have earned her nearly £2m.

Fitness fanatic Alexa, 24, started blogging her efforts to shift her baby weight and things snowballed from there. Now she blogs her personal style, fitness & beauty tips and travel adventures.
And beauty companies are understandably keen for her to endorse their products.