Monday 7 December 2015
Episode 130
Amandla hurts Smangele’s feelings as she soldiers on, adamant to meet her father, Xulu. Neither MaNgcobo or Mastermind can stand in Amandla’s way as she sets off to meet her father. MaNgcobo battles to accept that Mxolisi is not her son.
Xulu’s attempt to cut the umbilical cord has resulted in creating distance between them. MaNgcobo gets a shock of her life when she reads the results of the DNA test which she insisted Xulu must source as proof.
Tuesday 8 December 2015
Episode 131
MaNgcobo is shocked and in complete disbelief when the lab results confirm that Mxolisi is not her son. Smangele and Mastermind realize that Amandla has run away. MaNgcobo cannot bring herself to tell Xulu the results of the DNA test. The Maphumulo’s receive disturbing news and are required to go with the police to identify a dead body matching the description they gave of Amandla.
Wednesday 9 December 2015
Episode 132
Xulu nearly finds out MaNgcobo has been lying about the DNA results. Mabuza discovers Xulu is thinking of killing Mxolisi. Dhlomo tells MaNzuza the chances of finding Amandla alive are slim. Mastermind tells Thobile that he feels responsible for Amandla’s downward spiral MaNgcobo shows Xulu the forged DNA results that claim Mxolisi is his son.