ACTRESS Manaka Ranaka, who plays Lucy in Generations: The Legacy, is still reeling from shock.
This after she accidentally killed a teenage girl.
This, according to reports, occurred on the R554 road to Leondale near the highway in Roodekop, Germiston.
Lucy visited the family on Wednesday to apologise for the loss of their beloved.
She knocked down and killed Millicent Mbonani (18) while driving her red BMW almost a fortnight ago.
Speaking for the first time since the fatal accident, Lucy told Sunday Sun: “I don’t want to talk about the accident as the matter is under investigation.
“Another issue is I need to respect Millicent’s family as they are mourning the death of their loved one.
“I wanted to apologise to Millicent’s mum at the accident scene, but I was held back for good reasons.
“We visited the family, and I spoke to the mum, who is very distraught.
“I apologised to the family and was forgiven. There’s no animosity in that family.
“Those are human beings and they understood it was an accident.”
Lucy said she was still traumatised by what happened and couldn’t stop crying during the interview.
She was accompanied by her family to the family of the deceased to convey their message of condolences and to apologise.
“I feel pain right now because I’m left with the burden as I have to live with this every day. I’m very traumatised right now and am also mourning the passing of Millicent,” said Lucy.
She also said before she could go for counselling herself, she would be happy to see Millicent’s mum go through the healing process because she lost someone she loved dearly.
“If possible, we could heal together, I would really appreciate that. She lost a friend and I also don’t mind financing for healing process, as that is the least I can do. I can never bring Millicent back to life and I’m implicated to the departure of her in this world.
“I also want to beg media as well to stop bothering Millicent’s family. That family needs to be respected as they mourn their loved one,” she said.
Lucy added she can’t even sleep at night as the tragic accident comes to her mind all the time.
“I keep seeing Millicent and it’s hard in my life right now. I’m not in a good space, but I hope God will give them strength,” she said.
On Thursday, Lucy was granted permission to attend Millicent’s memorial service and the funeral yesterday, but she requested not to attend both as she didn’t want to be the centre of attention.