Gigaba admits that while he befriended a New York based and married Mkhize, he now regrets the association he had to her.

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba has been forced to address salacious allegations made by Buhle Mkhize, a woman who claims he carried out a year long affair with her.

He wrote on Instagram that he had tried to avoid speaking about Mkhize, whom he calls an "attention seeking slanderer" but had no choice but to address the matter as she had purposefully sought to defame him.
"My family , in particular wife, have been subjected to a protracted campaign of public embarrassment and cyber harassment. I could retort to exposing the fabrications and blatant inconsistencies in these allegations but I can only blame myself for befriending a person who had sinister motives," said Gigaba.
He added that he would seek legal counsel to further protect himself and his family.
"I have pledged my life to my wife, children, movement and my country. This will not change. As my wife stated previously: We have moved on as a family and hope that everyone else will do the same."
Amongst the allegations Mkhize made was that she met Gigaba on Instagram and after a few months of phonecalls and text messages, he flew her out to Cape Town. The Kwa-Zulu Natal born Mkhize said she spent two weeks with Gigaba and he sent her R288,000 in cash to celebrate her birthday in the Dominican republic with friends.
She also claimed a cash payment of R500,000 and a gag order initialised by SA Intelligence was put on the table but the deal fell through after Gigaba's wife, Noma confronted her about the affair.