The company’s Nigerian division was slapped with a R75-billion fine recently for failing to disconnect 5.1 million MTN Nigeria subscribers as per the country’s telecoms regulations.

After what must have been some frantic negotiations, Nigeria’s regulator decided yesterday to drop the fine to R48.5 billion – but this did not last long.

Within 24 hours, the Nigerian regulator sent a letter to MTN telling it the fine had gone up, now R56 billion.

I can picture the conversation between MTN and the Nigerian regulator the NCC.

NCC: “You broke the law, you are fined R75 billion.”
MTN: “Ah, come on guys, we’re sorry – please cut us some slack.”
NCC: “Okay, it’s chilled, you only have to pay R48.5 billion.
MTN: “Thanks amigo.”
NCC: “Jokes. The fine is R56 billion.”
MTN: “You suck.”
NCC: “At least we don’t owe a telecoms regulator R56 billion. Also, we want it by 31 December – cancel your Christmas party plans.”
MTN: “… [starts crying softly].”
Source : mybroadband