IKO MASH, best known as a stylist and make-up artist, said: “I’m excited to have joined Rhythm City as a transgender woman.”
Iko plays the flamboyant businesswoman, Zahr, who is proud of her sexuality.
Iko told the People’s Paper: “I get to educate people about the different types of homosexuals in the world.
“People need to understand there are
straight-looking gay people, those who are feminine, those who are butch – and those who are also transgender.
“I want to teach people not to fear different types of people just because they don’t understand them. I’ve acted in the drama series Gaz’lam,Yizo YizoTshisaStreet Lifeand Zabalaza. But I’m typecast. I never play a straight man who finds a woman and falls in love.
“Make-up and styling put food on the table when acting jobs get scarce.”
Iko has shot an extreme make-over reality show called Look At Me where people get to transform their images.
  • “The show might be airing on one of the broadcasters in February next year – but there’s not much I can say about that at the present moment,” Iko told SunBuzz.Catch Iko Mash as Zahr in Rhythm City on e.tvweekdays at 7pm.