Discovery has launched its Apple Watch reward programme for Vitality members.
The benefit gives Discovery Vitality members the chance earn the smartwatch through its Active Rewards platform, which measures the wearer’s activity levels and sets personalised weekly fitness goals.
If a member meets all the weekly Active Rewards goals for 24 months, their Apple Watch will be fully funded by the company.

How it works

Discovery members need and iPhone 5 or later to access the benefit through the Discovery app, which is done through the Active Rewards section.
Members also need a Discovery Gold credit card or higher. Members who do not have a qualifying credit card can apply for one to access the Watch programme. The limit of the card must be at least R10,000.
One you have met the criteria and activated the benefit, you pay an activation fee of R350. The Apple Watch Sport 38mm is the default device for the programme.
You then agree to meet the weekly Active Rewards goals set each month.
Once you have paid the activation fee you will receive a proof of payment, which you use to collect your Apple Watch from any iStore. The proof of payment is valid for 30 days.
If you do not meet the goals set, your Discovery card will be debited according to how many you missed – as detailed in the table below.
Apple Watch on Discovery Vitality
Weekly Active Reward goals met in a monthMonthly amount debited from Discovery Card
Based on a retail price of R5,899. Pricing subject to change. Only one member per Vitality policy can activate the benefit once every 24 months.

Meeting the fitness goals

Once a member has their Watch, they must connect it to Vitality to earn fitness points.
Discovery will set a personalised fitness goal each week, which will change depending on the user’s goal history.
How many points a users earns each month will be calculated, and the relevant debit on the Discovery Card made on the 10th of the following month.
Full terms and conditions are available on Discovery’s website.