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Gigi Lamayne turned out despite having a bad childhood.

Gigi Lamayne is proud of how she turned out.. She posted on Instagram, explaining that she is proud of how she turned out despite having a bad childhood.

“Because I’ve always believed that nobody and anything could bring me down. My background story is scary for some who’ve heard it. I know. But I’m hella proud of how I turned out. Transparency , honesty and loyalty form a huge part of my being. If you can’t handle that then we seriously couldn’t connect. I’m soft but hard and I’ve got a big big heart. Thank you so much to each and every one who has contributed to my life in a positive way. The loyalty, encouragement, old and new friends and guidance have built not only a brand but a strong young woman. For the old and new relationships which have contributed to my life positively, I am thankful. You make the days in such a scary world bearable.”

She said with this picture…

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