A 36 year old father and his 18 year old teenage daughter who have just had a baby together have gone public with their incestuous relationship after their child was taken from them and into care. 
The father Cris and daughter Sara from Mallorca, Spain, insist they are in love and should be allowed to bring up their daughter, who is also the man's granddaughter.
Incest is not against the law in Spain as long as it is between two consenting adults. Eww..

Temporary custody of the child was awarded to the state over concerns about the father's abusive relationship with his ex-wife, who is his daughter's mother.
Now the couple have gone public with their relationship and hope that they can have their baby returned to their care.
Speaking about how their relationship started, Cris told local newspaper, Cronica Balear :
"Our relationship started like they all do, with flirting, getting along and then trust.
"We may be father and daughter but she has never seen me as a parent because I am much more like a friend than a father figure."
Before their baby was born Sara was allegedly told she would either have to give the child up for adoption or move away and raise the newborn alone.

She said she had decided to agree to a temporary separation from her father after the birth - but within an hour of its arrival the baby was taken away from her by the Govt.

She says she has had plenty of experience with children having helped to raise her four younger siblings and is the best person to care for her child.
Sara told the paper:
"My relationship may be unusual but it would be worse for a child to be given up for adoption or grow up in a centre. "People say the relationship is wrong, well I respect their opinion but I do not care."