SEXY DJ Tumi Voster’s new job has ruffled some feathers!

Tumi has extensive experience as a radio and TV presenter, and now she’s added the words “marketing manager” to her CV.
She was recently appointed as marketing manager (local urban division) for Universal Music, South Africa.
But this appointment has been labelled “dodgy” by industry insiders.
Her never-ending success has allegedly caused a stir within her previous group of friends.
One said: “Look, the girl is a university graduate.
“But what’s worrying is that this job was never advertised.
“One day she just rocked up at Universal’s premises and was introduced as the new marketing manager.”
Another source commented: “She’s young and driven, but proper procedures need to be followed for appointments.”
A third industry figure said Tumi has links with two decision makers at Universal.
“Obviously, the appointment raised eyebrows.
“But it’s difficult for women to get ahead and if one gets a chance . . .
“We mustn’t always be ready to throw stones at them,” the source said.
A member of Tumi’s inner circle said:
“She’s made a success of her TV and radio career, and she needed a new challenge, so she went for a corporate job.
“Tumi always gives everything she’s got.
“I don’t see why her Universal job is making people uncomfortable – especially since she’s such a go-getter.”
Tumi shot to fame as a Yo!TV presenter and over the years, she’s built up a good reputation in the entertainment industry.
Tumi refused to comment and switched off her phone.