I don't DJ Sbu is broke than he has ever been, and is deep in debt. He very intelligent to get FREE Marketing, just think about it. Who many media companies are now digging and writing about this, when they want to interview him will bring Mofaya brand along with him.  Look
DJ Sbu is investing everything he has in a bid to turn his energy drink into a success.
But he is hard at work and trying to make his start up business venture, Mofaya, the number one selling energy drink in Africa. 
The TV and radio personality-turned-entrepreneur shared a revealing, but inspirational message on Instagram about his struggles. 
“This is not a holiday selfie. We at work. I'm not poor. But I'm broke. More broke than I have been in a long time. I'm deep in debt. Every last cent. Drop of blood sweat tears. Emotions. Energy. Everything has been invested in #MyStartUp . Been fired. Laughed at. Called crazy & more. Are you willing to risk it all for your dream?" 
He has had many ups and down, but we have no doubt that DJ Sbu is on his way to entrepreneurial success. 
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