Another week has begun with yet another celebrity being slammed for claiming to own something that they actually did not

Recently it was Bonang Matheba who was caught in the firing line after Sunday World claimed that she was lying about the ownership of her two Mercedes Benz vehicles, one of which is a stunning G-Wagon.

The Sunday paper ran with the headline this week, revealing that Bonang had told a “white lie” to the media and many people on social media reacted to the story almost immediately.

There seems to have been an explanation from another Twitter user who revealed that all Top Billing presenters received sponsored vehicles from Mercedes and further added that that the media was exaggerating with their claims of Bonang being a liar:

However, the real question that we want to ask is: Did Bonang REALLY lie about the Mercedes?

Sunday World reports that she shared a post on Instagram in May, and on that picture she made the claim about the vehicles being hers.

We dug up the original, with Bonang’s caption here:

As you can see, at no point did she use the words “I bought these two Mercs” however one would be forgiven for thinking they were her vehicles.

Last week it was Cassper who allegedly lied about owning a Rolls Royce after he was captured with a vehicle that both he and Black Coffee had recently rented out from its real owner.
It’s getting difficult to follow who owns what and who is lying about what they own in South African entertainment!

What do you think, did Bonang lie about these Mercs?