Monday 7 December 2015
Episode 106
Rachel throws everyone she loves a shattering curveball. Wallet has a health crisis that has a devastating effect on many people. A secret is spreading like wildfire through the university campus and Jama is battling to keep it from getting to the wrong ears.
Tuesday 8 December 2015
Episode 107
Mapitsi and Sonti are held hostage. Leeto rushes to Turfloop to save his marriage – but is he too late? Things go from bad to worse at Turf High. A patient goes missing from Turfloop hospital.
Wednesday 9 December 2015
Episode 108
Ayanda is on the verge of getting all she’s ever wanted, but a dark cloud is looming on her horizon. Mokgadi makes a sobering decision about her future with Leeto.  Emkay makes a shocking discovery.
Thursday 10 December 2015
Episode 109
Ma Kunutu receives a bewildering visitor from Alfred’s past. Charles and Nimza come up with a risky strategy to keep a predator away from Rachel. Emkay is on the scent of the secret Jama’s been keeping.
Friday 11 December 2015
Episode 110
Tbose and Kwaito are going to a Tuks Senganga gig… they want to close the circle that began the night they killed Ben Kunutu.  Charles and Nimza deal heavy-handedly with an unwelcome visitor. Charity has to face her charges in court. There is good news in store for Ma Kunutu.
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