A brutal bully, 22 year old James Laidlaw, was jailed for 19 years after leaving his girlfriend's six-month-old son with 32 broken bones. He abused the defenceless tot over a three-month period. 
Warwick Crown Court in the UK heard he broke both of the baby's legs and arms and nearly every rib in his body.

Nurses said the boy went 'wide-eyed with fear' whenever there was a loud noise or someone approached him.
The baby is now in the care of the govt.
The infant was taken to University Hospital Coventry by his mother Tiffany Hilton in May last year when he was five months old.

Medics carried out tests for suspected bronchiolitis but x-rays revealed he had suffered numerous fractures.
Medical evidence showed the first assaults probably took place when the tot was just two weeks old.
He also had a damaged spine consistent with a fall from a first-floor window - caused when he was thrown across the room.
Evil Laidlaw was jailed for 19 years after being convicted of GBH with intent. 
Hilton, 27, was locked up for three years for failing to protect her son.
Both defendants, who live in Coventry, were also convicted of child cruelty following a trial.
Jailing the couple, Judge Sylvia de Bertodano said:
"He sustained a really shocking set of injuries. "A total of 32 broken bones including both arms, both legs and all the ribs on one side, most of them in two places.

Source: Mirror online