Black Coffee is easily one of South Africa's biggest artists right now.
The accomplished DJ has done it all in 2015, with a new album accompanying a stellar world tour.
However, the man behind Pieces of Me admits that he cannot go on like this forever, and has earmarked 2025 as the year where he will start to relax.
Black Coffee told Sowetan when asked about the future: "The next 10 years and then that's it."
On his ten years in the industry already, he added: "It happened so fast, obviously it wasn't an easy journey to get to this level. There has been the hardest times as any careers but mostly it's been blessings.
"It's the love, the love of what I do. Also the love I witness from the people when I do what I do and watch people react in how music touch them, for me that keeps me going."
At least we will have Black Coffee for another ten years - we couldn't handle him disappearing any time soon!