A 31-year-old Missouri man’s covered in facial tattoos allegedly tried to rob a pastor at knifepoint who gave him a ride and police were able to track him down because of the unique artwork, according to media reports.
Robert Michael was charged Nov. 20 with first-degree attempted robbery and a charge of armed criminal action, according to Fox 4 News.

The alleged incident occurred on Nov. 19 after Michael entered an Oak Grove church. Michael talked with the pastor for about 30 minutes before telling the pastor he needed a ride back to Independence, where Michael resides.

The pastor provided a ride for Michael as a means of getting him out of the church. During the interaction between the two people, Michael told the pastor that he had previously spent 10 years in a Texas prison. This made the pastor nervous, according to the Kansas City Star.
Michael is covered in tattoos, including flames coming from his eyes, a large tattoo of a rifle on his neck with the word, “What,” and several Satanic tattoos on his chest.
During the drive, the pastor stopped his truck outside Independence Square, which is where Michael allegedly tried to take the keys from the ignition. Michael then tried to do it a second time, at which point the pastor grabbed the keys and left the vehicle, according to the Kansas City Star.
Michael then allegedly tried to demand money from the pastor while holding what appeared to be a knife. The pastor flagged a driver down and told the woman he was being robbed.
The pastor was able to describe Michael’s specific facial tattoos to police, who were quickly able to track down Michael.