ShowMax recently launched video on demand services in South Africa, offering a two-tier online video streaming service.
The company plans to aggressively grow the business, which means more opportunities for people who are looking to join its workforce.
ShowMax spokesperson Richard Boorman said they currently have around 100 employees, and are growing the team [See: Careers section].
“As a new business, when we spot gaps and opportunities we’re not shy about reassessing our structure and adding new positions,” said Boorman.
The company is currently recruiting for many positions, including a user interface designer, content acquisition and planning specialists, social media specialists, an art designer, and a trailer editor.

What ShowMax is looking for in new recruits

Nyameka Fatman, head of HR for ShowMax, said the company is a startup without rigidly-defined structures or roles.
“The goalposts are definitely always on the move, so potential ShowMax employees need to be fairly comfortable with chaos,” said Fatman.
ShowMax values the following qualities in potential employees:
  • Self-driven: Anyone looking to join the company needs to be self-driven, and work without constant motivation or guidance.
  • Get stuck-in: Employees need to be willing to get stuck-in “on the donkey work as well as the cool stuff”.
  • A degree is an advantage: Academic qualifications are important, to a point. “At the entry-level we’d be looking for a good undergraduate degree, but all that does is get your foot in the door.”
“Our interviews tend to be informal and flowing. It’s up to the candidate to use this to showcase their achievements and creativity, to link these to the role and show that they have done their homework, and also to show that they are up to speed on key developments in the industry.”