MOST women agree – Vuyo Dabula’s Hunk of the Year award at the Feathers was richly deserved.
But what the hunk didn’t know was that his excitement would be short-lived after the award was stolen right in front of his eyes.
“I am really pissed off. I am not happy at all,” he said.
The sexy actor was awarded at the seventh Annual Chevrolet Feather Awards at Joburg City Hall on Thursday.
Vuyo, who plays Gadaffi in Generations – The Legacy, told Daily Sun he left his award on the table to talk to friends when he saw a man with his trophy.
“I saw him take it but thought he was just looking at it. He stood with other people at my table and seemed to be having a chat with them. I continued with my conversation.
“But then I checked to see if the guy was still there but he was gone and so was my award.”
He said he won’t recognise the thief but appeals to anyone who may see the award to alert him.
“I spoke to the Feathers founder Thami Kotlolo to have another one made and he said they will look into it.”
Asked why he thought the man stole his award, he said: “Maybe stealing comes naturally to him.
“He probably thought he deserved it more.”
Kotlolo said: “It is important to us that Vuyo wants to have something to remember. His achievement is important to us. We will make a new one for him.”
He said it’s pathetic that someone would want to steal it. “How badly must you want to be a hunk to steal such an award?”