Zimbabwe – University student caught with baboon’s VAG!NA. A Gweru police constable on his first day on duty made a rather scary and unusual bust when he intercepted a Midlands State University Student who had a baboon’s v.agina in his possession. Aaron Manike , the police constable, boarded a Senga kombi heading into Gweru CBD with a few other passengers. Whilst inside the vehicle, a strong stench engulfed the vehicle reminiscent of the stench that usually emanates from Bata. The sharp eyed police noticed one male fidgeting, tightly clutching his bag and constantly checking the contents of his bag.
The policeman, who was enroute to his first day on duty duly informed the driver to stop the vehicle for a quick search where he discovered the unsightly rotting piece of meat in the student’s backpack. Caught with nowhere to go, the student however tried to cook up a story to explain his reason for having a v.agina in his student bag but the passengers would have none of it and wanted to instantly beat him up.
The second year Theology student lad, who can not be named until he appears before a judge, later confessed that the ghastly v.agina was meant to help him with his exams and that his grandmother in Mberengwa had given it to her. He further on suggested that he was enroute to Mberengwa to “swop” the v-agina with a “fresher” one since this one was getting “old” as he put it.
The crowd further went to ask the student how he uses the private part to pass his exams and he demonstrated that he uses his exam pen to insert inside the v.agina so that the lubricants rub off on the pen. Other students who where on the scene described the student as a loner who rarely mingled with others. The man will appear before the Gweru Magistrate on Friday, 7 November