Trouble in Paradise for Pokello & Elikem? The last time we saw a picture of them together was over 10 weeks ago. Maybe its just me or maybe there is trouble in paradise. Some Zim websites reported that the new couple are having problems and some have even claimed that the new Mrs Kumordzie is pregnant. We wait to see more or rather hear more from the Big Brother Africa Love birds.
In short we miss the 2 of them together on social media…
According to the last picture we saw of the couple Elikem the Tailor as they call him was expressing love to his beautiful wife. He was explaining why he changed Pokello Nare’s name to Mrs Pokello Kumordzie. He said…
The woman you see this this picture was formally Ms Pokello Nare, now Mrs Pokello Kumordzie. 
I changed her name for lots of different reasons. The main reason being how AWESOME she is. Grab some popcorn and let me break it down to you. This may take a veeery looooong time.From day one this woman was very focused and confident. Self efficient is also a good way of describing her, not to mention the fact that she is also independent. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. Before I came to realise what a good mother she was, she awed me with her kindness and ability to take care of herself, her home and me as a fiance, she passed for a good housewife, but also had a booming business which grows more and more everyday.She supports, contributes and pushes.I’m short of words right now, but I’m sure you all get the picture. She is 30 today and I can say she has achieved. She has achieved as a Wife, a Mother, a Daughter, a Sister, a Boss.I can go on and on but my words might not fit in here. I need you all to join me wish my lovely wife a happy Brthday.
Sweetheart, I wish you all the best in life and many more to come in the years you have ahead of you. Last year I sang a song and shot a video for your birthday. If I keep doing that I will have an album in a few years to come. I wish I was in a position to buy you a white on white Bugatti Veyron and take you on that trip to Mauritius, But dolley dolley, I will do for you one day. Insha Allah.You have me today and I have you. I don’t know what to say again butti

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wife and Mother of my 10 children to come.

It was Pokello’s Birthday then and so we hope our favorite couple is still together and having a time of their life. We somehow hope the pregnant rumour was true.. Wish u all the BEST POLIKEM!