South African comedian Trevor Noah has opened up about what it has been like hostingThe Daily Show.

The comedian took over the reins from Jon Stewart just over a month ago, and has been doing fairly well.

He says the experience has been a “proverbial whirlwind” so far.

“So much to get used to, so much learning. However, the most important thing is that it's been exciting,” he told Sowetan Live.

Unlike some local celebrities who change their accents after being abroad for a minute (cough, Thando Thabethe), Trevor says he has no plans to develop a new accent.

"I've always had a fascination with accents, but I'm fortunate that I've never felt the need to veer away from the way I speak naturally on any stage,” he told the publication.

Now that he is an A-lister, you would think Trevor would be making big demands.

But he says he does not have a huge entourage, and his only major demand is requesting rooibos tea backstage.

Keep it up, Trevor! SA is behind you 100