HE WAS ashamed of his small 4-5 and wanted it to be big and thick.
So when he saw an advert from Mama claiming she could enlarge any 4-5, he decided to go see if her magic touch worked.
But in the end his 4-5 was still just as small – and he had the added shame of being duped by fong kong sangomas!
This 37-year-old man’s trip to the allegedly powerful sangoma ended in shame when he was duped by two men who claimed to be working for Mama.
The man from KwaNobuhle kasi in Uitenhage said it was too private for him to talk about his 4-5. “I used to Whatsapp Mama and she promised she would make my 4-5 big and thick.
“But on my way I saw an advert on the garage of another house which said they worked with Mama. The two guys said it would take seven days for my penis to become big.
“I asked where Mama was but they said she was out and they worked with her.
“I paid R380 and was given a 500ml bottle of cream to rub on my penis. They said I should come back if I was not satisfied.
“But after seven days my 4-5 was still small!
“I went back and they said I needed to pay R50 for them to read their bones.
“One of them went ahead, throwing bones even though I did not pay R50, and said my ex-girlfriend had sent a tokoloshe to stop my 4-5 from growing!
“I told them I had seven ex-girlfriends so they’d have to be specific and then they demanded an additional R180.
“I refused and told them to deduct it from the R380 I gave them before.
“I Whatsapped Mama again later – and she said I’d been to the wrong people!”