Simphiwedana A summary of my views on #16DaysOfActivism from my Twitter page:
When will we realize that #16DaysofActivism is not effective? You think men who beat up women don't know society says it's wrong to beat up women? So why do they keep doing it? 

Because same society encourages objectification and ownership of women's bodies. You're confusing the poor abusers. South Africa has mastered the art of putting band aids on festering wounds. Wasting our tax money on ineffective remedies. 

Our religions and cultures objectify women. Yet you believe you can rid us of gender violence without overhauling these. Humanities, social studies, psychology. It is important to understand these in order to lead a country. If we're unwilling to revise religion and culture, at least change our perspective on them, then let's not bother 'fighting' for women. 

You can't insist on the lie that men are superior and expect that such won't result in the oppression of one by the other. Our parents, leaders too, are staunch religionists and/or culturalists. There stems the unwillingness to effectively deal with abuse. The hypocrisy of our society is never as starkly revealed as during these gender activism conversations #16DaysofActivism