SHWI did not miss a beat and carried on with the show when a happy fan suddenly jumped onto the stage.
“What we are doing here is for our fans,” said Shwi.
“I guess he was enjoying what he was hearing and could not control himself.”
But the bouncers at the launch of Shwi’s new album, Ngingumoni, at Buyafuthi Hostel in Ekurhuleni were not nearly as forgiving.
The fan jumped the fence and ran onto the stage.
“I just want one dance with Shwi,” the man was heard screaming.
The man had just managed to climb the steps on the stage when bouncers stepped in.
They lifted him up and pushed him off the stage.
He tried to come back again – but he was fighting a losing battle!
This time the bouncers took him to the gate.
Shwi, whose real name is Mandla Xaba, said he did not mind the fan and the way he carried on.
“Jumping the fence and making his way to the stage shows the man has guts,” said Shwi.
“It’s fine by me if somebody comes on stage without the intention to cause any problems and just wants to have fun.”