40 year old Daniswa Ncipa went to thwasa with the blessing of her boyfriend of 14 years.
But when she came back after six months, the boyfriend, Gulaban Champara (43), had replaced her with some new blood.
“Gulaban told me he doesn’t want me any more. He told me he’s looking for a young woman,” she said.
Daniswa, who lived with her boyfriend in Rosettenville, Joburg, is now homeless and lives with friends in Phomolong, Tembisa, Ekurhuleni.
“It’s not easy because I’m fresh from initiation. I’ve been begging my boyfriend to rent a place for me. Instead he threw me out on the street,” she said.
Daniswa said she went to thwasa at the end of February and came back at the end of September.
“He had nothing when I met him but now he has a small business and doesn’t want to know me anymore,” she said.
“I helped him renovate the house and buy furniture but today I’m nothing to him.”
She said he knew she went to answer her ancestors’ calling but he took advantage of the situation.
“He gets another woman in his life while I’m still alive. How could he do that?” she asked.
Gulaban admitted that he brought another woman into the house.
“We started a relationship and she fell pregnant,” he told Daily Sun.
“I couldn’t leave her in the street. I had to bring her into the house.”
He said Daniswa made claims that were untrue.
“I never chased her away because she’s a thwasa. I supported her when she went there.”
He said the other woman had made arrangements and left the house but Daniswa would only come back into the house once they have performed ceremonies.
“I don’t know why she washed her dirty linen in public,” he said.