UBABA aka sebenzi bread is the cheapest bread in Tembisa – but people say it makes them sick! 
They say they can’t afford more expensive bread.
Noor-Navieed bakery makes and delivers the bread. 
Residents call it the bread that doesn’t sleep as they have to eat it the same day they buy it.
Resident Pauline Ramabolo (76) said: “The bread sometimes makes us sick and we have to hit the toilet after eating it.
“When the bakery opened last year we were happy to have a bakery in our area – but not anymore.
“You can’t make out if it’s white or brown bread.
“But we have no choice as it’s more affordable than others,” said Pauline.
Mum of two Zandile Zondi (40) said she often got stomach problems after eating the bread.
“This bread is all I can afford to buy every day for my kids. But it’s not good. Sometimes it smells bad.
“We have no choice. We buy it to survive,” said Zandile.
Louis Mokoena (55) said: “We told the bakery owner the bread is not good. He told us they would fix the problem, but they never did.”
A resident who used to work at the bakery at Mthambeka in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni said the bread isn’t suitable to be consumed by people.
“It is disturbing how this bread is made.”
He claimed that bread returned to the bakery was broken into pieces, soaked in water and put into a mixer and used to make more bread.
“This means that the bread is recycled.”
Bakery owner Zahid Mohammed said: “We are aware of the complaints because some people came and said the bread was not good.
“That was not what we expected from our customers as we make good bread every day here. The problem is the hot weather. This makes the bread to last fewer days than before.
“But we promise that this is going to change because we have changed the way we bake it. From now on it’s going to last longer.”