The African National Congress (ANC) came before democracy in South Africa was established‚ Jacob Zuma said in Parliament in an attempt to clarify his earlier statements that the ANC came before the country.
Zuma was asked about the comments twice during his final question and answer session for the year.
On both occasions‚ he said the ANC‚ established in 1912‚ was around before democratic South Africa.
However‚ things got heated when‚ in response to Democratic Alliance MP Geordin Hill-Lewis‚ Zuma said that “when I address the ANC members‚ I speak to the ANC but when I speak to South Africa‚ I speak to the country”.
He said the meeting at which he spoke had been an ANC one.
“We pay no attention when the DA meets‚where you say all sorts of funny things. This was an ANC meeting discussing policy and issues- why are you so interested in the ANC? You love the ANC‚ you can’t stop talking about the ANC.”
Pointing his finger at the DA benches he repeatedly asked “who came first? Who came first? Who came first?”.
But DA leader Mmusi Maimane was unimpressed‚ and stood shouting for Zuma to answer the question and asking “Can the ANC pay for Nkandla”.
Speaker Baleka Mbete had to make several requests for Maimane to take his seat as ANC MPs shouted at him.
One wag subsequently tweeted‚ “When Maimaine is more unruly than the entire EFF…”.