Another person who's got her summer body ready is princess AJ's mama Nonhle Ndala. The reality TV star and fitness trainer, who gave birth two months ago, shared a snap of her post baby body on Instagram. 
The picture was captioned: "8 weeks after giving birth, I'm bikini ready No training yet, just a strict meal plan and cheat days of course  #MummyOf2 #BodyTransformation #PostPregnancy #HealthyLiving #KnowYourFood still lots of work to be done, I am my own project. Competing with myself MeVsMe. I'll share my meal plan on @nonhlehealthfitness soon, fruits and veggies that I avoided that were high in sugar, being selective with my protein and portion sizes etc. #ItsALifeStyle.' 
We cannot wait for her to share that eating plan!