Beautiful Monray Faver does not have a beautiful life at all, she claims her jealous ­ex-boyfriend has been making her life hell for the past five years.
And last Tuesday night, the situation almost became deadly when the former boyfriend allegedly beat Monray’s mum with a brandy bottle!
The 22-year-old from Eldorado Park in Joburg told Daily Sun the trouble started when a brick was thrown through the window of her family home.
Monray’s mum, Janet (57), picked up the brick and threw it back through the broken window but it hit the ex-boyfriend’s head.
Monray said she got into a fight with the man and claimed that when her mum tried to break it up, he started beating her with a brandy bottle.
Making matters worse, Janet was later taken into custody after the man laid a common assault charge against her.
Monray claimed her ex-boyfriend became abusive five years ago.
“He would swear at me and beat me. I ended up leaving my home for a few months,” she said.
According to Monray, he would come to her house and swear at everyone. She said she soon started suspecting he was using drugs. “When I dumped him three years ago, he didn’t take it well and he has been stalking me since,” she said.
Monray said she couldn’t understand why he was so jealous as both of them had new partners. “I have moved on and I have a new boyfriend,” she said.
Constable Thuli Ngwena confirmed that a case of common assault had been registered at Eldorado Police Station.