DURBAN model and aspiring TV actress, Nokulunga Msomi – aka “Pruehanna” – is hopping mad at Mshoza! 
Nokulunga claims she’s being stalked by Mshoza, real name Nomasonto Maswanganyi.
Nokulunga claims she’s dating Mshoza’s boyfriend, Hendrik “Bhuti” Mabunda, and said that she’s gatvol with the musician’s antics.
“I’ve been dating Bhuti for five years and Mshoza is harassing me. She stalks me and insults me.
“She tells me to leave Bhuti alone. She must get a life and stop messing with me! 
“If Bhuti doesn’t want her any more, she has to get that into her head,” said Nokulunga.
“I’m having fun with Bhuti and I’m getting sexual pleasure. Every weekend I’m in Joburg with Bhuti and Mshoza knows he’s mine when I’m in Jozi!” she said.
Bhuti said: “I know Nokulunga and she’s my girlfriend. 
“I don’t know anything about Mshoza bothering her. I’m no longer dating Mshoza.”
Mshoza told the SunTeam: “I’m no longer dating Bhuti. 
“He calls me when I’m in Durban and tells me I should come back. 
“If that girl and Bhuti want fame, they shouldn’t try getting it by using my name. 
“Those people are not of my calibre.”

Daily Sun