A United Methodist Church pastor who had the nerve of calling his stepmother a p-rostitute was on Monday fined $20 or spend 22 days in prison.
William Daniel (50) of Warren Park 1 in Harare was charged with criminal insult when he appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Sharon Rakafa.
Ms Rakafa ordered Daniel to pay $20 fine or go to jail for 22 days.
Allegations are that on November 7 at around 7:30pm, William approached Enia Mupero to tell her that he had summons for her.
The court heard that Daniel also told Mupero that she was supposed to attend court the following day.
It is the state’s case that Mupero asked Daniel to show her the summons and this did not go down well with him, and he allegedly started insulting her shouting at her, and calling her a prostitute.