A 49-YEAR-OLD KZN man has killed himself because his wife was allegedly cheating on him.
A family member told Daily Sun that the man shot and killed himself after his wife refused to stop cheating.
He said the man was found dead by relatives in his home on Wednesday.
He said the man had repeatedly complained to the family and his in-laws about his wife’s behaviour, but he couldn’t get any help.
“We are disappointed, but we saw it coming.
“He has been complaining for some time about it but we never thought he would kill himself.
“Some relatives were even worried that he may kill his wife,” said the family member.
Before he shot himself he wrote a letter, allegedly stating the reason for taking his life.
A source who saw the letter said he was unable to tolerate his wife’s cheating, even though he had spoken to her about it many times.
He said the man paid for her education to become a teacher and she was now disrespecting him.
“He even mentioned the names of the two men who cheated with his wife.”
According to those who knew him and his wife, they said they met in early 90s and got married afterwards.
“I was at their wedding and I know both of them very well because we grew up together. Many men in the neighbourhood would boast and say they had a good time with makoti,” said the friend.
When Daily Sun visited the dead man’s family, a man who claimed to be his brother refused to talk to the SunTeam and asked them to leave.
Police spokesman Major Thulani Zwane said an inquest docket has been opened.
He said it was not yet known whether it was his firearm or an illegal gun. He confirmed that the letter is in their possession, but refused to give details.