Johannesburg - The community of the Tsietsi informal settlement on Johannesburg's East Rand says water shortages are nothing new to them; but this time it’s different..
The majority of the community normally depends on Jojo water tanks and communal taps but for several days, water has been scarce.
"We haven't had water for over two weeks," said resident Keketso Mohapi.
News24 visited the area on Tuesday where community members were seen carrying empty buckets in search of taps on lower ground which had not yet run dry.
"The water which we do find in the one tank has a bad taste to it but we don't have a choice, we drink it," Mohapi said.
With only a few households that have solar-powered electricity, boiling all the water before consumption is also a difficult task.
They met with municipal officials on Tuesday afternoon where they expected to voice their concerns about water, housing and land issues.
The meeting however was unfruitful because the municipal manager was unavailable.
The community returned home disappointed with little hope that things would change.
"We aren't surprised. Our councillor never really comes here," Mohapi said.