Overcome with emotion and stress caused by the impending result for the top three of Idols SA, Nicky Denga, 32, fainted in the audience at the Pretoria State Theatre on Sunday night.
Siphelele Ngcobo was eliminated in last night's episode.
“There was too much adrenalin in me,” said Denga who towers at approximately six feet in height. "I was eagerly awaiting a result and when it came to my satisfaction, it hit me hard.”
“I know both Siphelele Ngcobo and Karabo Mogane well. I am close to Siphelele but I am closer to Karabo. It was the excitement that caused me to collapse.
“For both of them to be on that stage it was oooh okay. The result just caught me off guard.”
“Proverb went on a bit too long to make the announcement. I could not take it. When Pro called out Siphelele’s name it was like lights out. Gone!”
Denga said he felt light headed and all the power went out of his body as he collapsed.
He explained that this was not the sort of thing that happened to him often and put the episode down to the ‘intensity' of the show.
When asked how he felt about a grown man fainting upon hearing of the result, Mogane said that he thought it was quite hectic.
“Both Siphelele and I were standing there on the stage awaiting the result,” said Mogane. “We had no idea who was going home. This just shows that this fan appreciates us and loves what we do and I am very grateful for that.”
“I have put a lot of effort into the show,” said Denga. "I am Team Karabo, one of his campaigners and one of his publicists.”