Hundreds of women stripped off to protest rape and violence as part of a SlutWalk event.
The topless participants had slogans written on their bodies and banners as they marched through the streets and blocked traffic in Rio de Janeiro's, Brazil.
The event, which featured powerful messages and colourful displays, was held along Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana beachfront in Brazil.

Protesters said one their key aims was to address claims by some that women provoke attacks by the way they dress or act.
They also wanted to fight against proposed new abortion restrictions which, if passed, would mean a woman who was raped could only have a termination if she could prove the crime.

Demonstrators scrawled words onto their breasts, stomachs, backs and arms with lipstick and crayons and there was samba dancing.

Stephanie Ruas, 26, said: "We may face violence anywhere. At school, as a young girl, at work - that's the culture.

"Brazil is one of the worst places for a woman to travel alone. When I travel I bring a special door jam so that my hotel room cannot be opened."

The protesters said a woman is killed every two hours in Brazil which they claim makes it the fifth most dangerous country for females.

Indara Costa, 18, said: "Men in Brazil think we are objects. We want to be able to do what we want with our bodies without being harassed."
Saturday's event was the fifth Slutwalk march held in Rio.