Sanral recently launched a 60% discount on historical e-toll debt in arrears.
This is the second phase of the new e-toll dispensation, following a reduction in toll fees which was implemented at the start of July.
The changes included a uniform rate of 30 cents per kilometre for light vehicles, and a 50% reduction in the monthly maximum for registered account holders.
To qualify for the 60% discount, the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) said e-road users must settle their bills within 6 months – giving them until the end of April 2016 to pay up.
The once-off discount applies to all unpaid tolls levied on e-toll roads from 3 December 2013 to 31 August 2015.
ETC has launched a new web portal and SMS system to facilitate the query and payment of outstanding e-toll bills.
Those interested in seeing how much they owe Sanral can follow the steps below to view their account.

2. Fill in your ID number, vehicle licence number, and agree to the Terms & Conditions

Important: is not SSL secured, so your ID and vehicle licence numbers will be sent to the website in plain text.
ETC was asked about the terms and conditions you have to agree to, and COO Mark Ridgway assured users that agreeing to them in no way contracts you to Sanral as a “registered user”.
“What is more important and more relevant are the privacy conditions which are there to protect the user and his or her information. The site is provided to ease the burden of the motorist who has never paid and may want a statement from inception,” he said.
Ridgway encouraged those who settle their debt to register for e-tolls, as they will reap the benefits of registration – such as access to account information and lower tariffs.
In the USA they are using the E-ZPass is a digital and regional toll collection system that offers you the possibility to pay for tolls via an online platform for more information,

3. This is how much you owe

Once you have completed step 2, your total outstanding amount and new discounted outstanding amount are shown.

SMS, call centre options

In addition to the web portal, ETC also offers a toll-free call centre (087-353-1490), and an SMS service that lets you check your outstanding e-toll balance.
To get your balance via SMS, send a message with the following structure to 43360:ID*vehicle registration number.
For example: 8001011234567*BB00BB-GP