GOGO SOPHIE (76) and her Ben 10, Keneels (36) have a great time in bed. 
It seems the gogo’s neighbour, Tello (52) also wants some of what Keneels is getting. 
“I am in love with my Keneels and he satisfies me all the way!” said Sophie Dimpane.
“But my neighbour is always after me. He wants me to sleep with him so much he has even offered me money for sex,” she claimed.
Smiling Ben 10, Keneels Meyes, 
who is a full 40 years younger than Sophie, has been living with her in their house in phase 6, Mangaung, Bloemfontein for four years.
“My lover is hot in bed. I wish that neighbour would stop bothering her,” said Keneels, giving gogo Sophie a long kiss.
But the neighbour, Tello Vermeulen, who is only 24 years younger than Sophie, insists he isn’t interested in the hot gogo!
He said he slept with her when her husband was still alive but that was a long time ago.
“I never offered that woman any money,” he said. 
“She’s not my type because she prefers younger men.” 
Keneels told Daily Sun that he not only loved Sophie very much, but was also happy with her family.
“Her children have accepted me and they love me,” said Keneels.
Sophie’s daughter, Miki Molosi (43), said they were angry when they first saw gogo and her Ben 10 together.
“But we ended up accepting the situation because we love our mother,” said Miki, who at 43, is nine years older than her mother’s lover.
“I have heard about Tello’s issues as well.” 
Police spokeswoman Constable Joy Xaba said gogo should open a case of intimidation if she felt threatened by her neighbour.
Keneels said if Tello doesn’t stop his nonsense he might have to take some action.
“I might end up hurting him,” said Keneels.
But gogo said Keneels doesn’t have to worry.
“Tello told me he would give anything up to R200 for a poke but that will not happen,” she said.
“I have never slept with him and I am not interested in sleeping with any other man other than my Keneels!”