Some FNB bank clients have taken to social media to vent their anger as they can’t use their credit and debit cards.
Many people said they had to leave their groceries behind as their cards were declining at shops. The bank's system was not well received with others questioning why in their opinion the system was often down.
Thulile Ncube took to Twitter to say she was forced to stop her shopping as she could not use her card.  “#FNB what an inconvenience. had to put things back in the shops because their services are not available.”
Kim Sarkin said: “#FNB network has crashed so much for the digital banking leader!!”
Another user Nicola Monsma questioned how the system could be down on one of the busiest days.
“#FNB off line on the busiest Saturday of the month.  People walking out of shop unable to pay for groceries @Rbjacobs.”
@4t4ri “@Rbjacobs #fnb Systems down. Just had to leave surety at a gas station because of the bank's inability to keep their network running. #rage”
Attempts to get comment from the FNB media relations office were not successful. 
FNB is online in the Western Cape.