Lucky Dube’s family have been left angered by people using the musician’s name as a marketing tool.
According to Sunday Sun, the slain reggae musician’s family is fed up with those who use his name to make money.
A few weeks ago, social media was set on fire when it emerged on Our Perfect Wedding that the musician’s car had been turned into a limousine, and is now being used for special occasions.
Lucky’s son, Thokozani told the paper that they were offended when they saw the new owner of the car bragging on national television.
“Those people bought the car – it no longer belongs to my late dad. Why are they marketing their business using his name?,” Thokozani said.
Adding that he also recently stumbled upon a “tribute show” to Lucky Dube, which is being hosted by a bar in Johannesburg.
Apparently the family had no knowledge of this show until they saw the poster, and it’s something that they’re taking very seriously.
“These people never consulted my family with this kind of thing. I’m against this kind of behaviour by opportunists who are only driven by money and greed,” Thokozani added.