An elderly Chinese couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary by recreating their wedding photos. According to Chongqing Evening News, Cao Yuehua, 97, and his wife Wang Deyi, 98, from southwest China’s Chongqing returned to the same place they took their wedding photos in 1945, dressed up as a newlywed bride and groom, and recreated their wedding photo. Cao even recited the poem he wrote to his Wang 70 years ago.

"My darling, please give me a definite answer, which will reflect on my once-pale youthfulness…" he read in English. The war veteran said that he wrote the lines in the battle field in 1944 when he was drafted as a translator with the Chinese Expeditionary Force to Myanmar to fight the Japanese army. At the ceremony, Cao clutched his wife and asked, "Shall we come back again when we turn 100 years old?" Awwww!

Cao's son who spoke with the Chongqing Evening News said: "I’m convinced by the romance between my parents that love can transcend life, death and time."