A husband and wife, 67 year old Charles Mckenzie and his 63 year old wife, Dorothy, have both died while having sex in a hotel hot tub., The couple were found dead in the tub at the Playaca Palace hotel in Mexico.

The Canadian couple had travelled for a holiday for their daughter's wedding which was supposed to take place yesterday, Thursday Nov 12th.

However their getaway turned to tragedy, with authorities finding that Charles suffered a heart attack.

Initially, when the couple was discovered, they thought they died due to an electric fault in the tub but autopsy reports stated that the husband died of a heart attack.

His wife Dorothy then died of "asphyxiation by submersion", it is understood.

The couple, from Baddeck, Novia Scotia, were both found on Tuesday morning at 10am - just two days before their daughter was due to get married.
A spokesman for the Playaca Palace hotel said: "The room was perfectly fine.
"All the equipment was working perfectly. "What the family mentioned was a heart attack.
"We are treating them as our own family. All the group is very calm, in the best way they can be."