All e-toll camera gantries used to capture which vehicles must pay up for travelling on tolled roads in Gauteng are illegal, according to the FF Plus.
IOL reported that the FF Plus has submitted a complaint to the National Consumer Commission on Gauteng’s freeway tolling system.
“The Legal Metrology Act required calibration and certification of all toll-measuring equipment. This is the same law that requires speed cameras to be calibrated and certified before they can be used,” stated the report.
According to the FF Plus, it submitted the Consumer Commission complaint after the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) confirmed to it the e-toll system was not certified.
“The NRCS duly replied that no e-toll equipment has been certified and that no request was made to do so. The NRCS indicated that Sanral requested exemption from this requirement, but the NRCS declined this request,” said the party.
The report stated there is no technical regulation for the e-toll cameras, so they couldn’t be certified.
“The NRCS is in contact with Sanral and will, as soon as these requirements and conditions are set and agreed upon, lodge a request to the SABS for the development of a South African national standard,” stated the NRCS.
The Consumer Commission could not confirm receipt of the FF Plus’ complaint, and declined to comment.
The party asked asked the Consumer Commission to rule that all e-toll bills which have been paid be refunded.
“The implications will be huge. It means that people can now legally stop paying bills,” said the party.
Sanral said it was not going to “litigate through the press”, according to IOL, and would meet any legal action in court.