UKHOZI FM DJ Chilli M is traumatised following the tragic death of his daughter last week.
One-year-old Nkanyezi died in a car accident as the family was returning home from a holiday.
Chilli M, whose real name is Vukani Masinga, told Daily Sun his daughter was thrown out of the car.
She died in his arms after the car his wife and two children were travelling in was involved in an accident near Hartbeespoort Dam, in North West.
“My wife and I were travelling in separate cars. Nkanyezi and my son were with their mum when the driver lost control of the car while swerving to avoid crashing into another vehicle.
“When the car stopped, Nkanyezi was thrown out and landed on the pavement. When I picked her up she was severely injured and died in my arms,” said the sobbing father.
He said Nkanyezi was buried over the weekend but the pain he felt was still unbearable.
“My wife and son were also seriously injured – my son didn’t write his final exams. I can’t explain the way I feel. What happened to me is something I would never wish on my worst enemy.”
Chilli M, who co-hosts Nethezeka on weekdays from midday to 3pm, said when news broke that actress Florence Masebe’s son had tragically drowned over the weekend he cried again.
“It’s terrible to watch as your child dies,” he said.
On his show on Monday he begged listeners to be patient with him as he had not yet recovered.
He also thanked his colleagues who were there for him in his time of need.