DISABLED people must demand their right to sex.
The issue was raised at a consumer rights campaign in Mahushu outside Hazyview, Mpumalanga, at the weekend.
“We are human beings and have feelings just like any other citizens,” said Jeannette Mbuyane, secretary of the Masoyi Protective Workshop, an NGO that deals with disability issues.
“We also have wombs to carry babies like any woman!”
Mbuyane said some people thought sex with a disabled person was abuse.
They heard ignorant remarks when they went for pregnancy checkups at hospital. “Many women seek counselling because they end up feeling guilty for being pregnant,” she said.
Wheelchair-bound Mbuyane criticised taxi drivers who don’t stop for people in wheelchairs. “They say those in wheelchairs take time to get in, and they can’t nanny them.” – AENS